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Manga Chapter: 360, 361, 362

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Episode Summary: Deidara uses his C4 Karura, to try to disintegrate Sasuke, but Sasuke, due to the Sharingans ability to see chakra as colour, was able to negate this technique by flying away from the microscopic bombs. Sasuke flies directly behind Deidara, and pierces his chest using Chidori (which Deidara mistakes for Lightning Cutter). Sasuke once again asks for Itachis location, only to realise that Deidara had seen through Sasukes move and had a counter measure prepared. Deidara appears from under his clay bird, to reveal that the person that Sasuke had hit, was actually a clay clone. Deidara prepares his C4 yet again with Sasuke trapped by the clay clone. Sasuke manages to free himself, but Deidara initiates the C4 yet again, to disintegrate Sasuke through the microscopic bombs trapped within Sasuke. He seemingly succeeds. To his dismay, Sasuke appears behind him yet again and punches Deidara, and... You are Watching Naruto Shippuden 124 english subbed at Narutoget .more..


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