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Title:Power to Believe
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Manga Chapter: 420, 421, 422

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Episode Summary: As the Six Paths of Pain and Konan try to determine Narutos location, Danzō tells Homura and Koharu of Pains arrival. They confront Tsunade on the matter, trying to make her change her mind about Naruto. She becomes furious at them and tells them that they lack the power to believe, unlike Hiruzen and Chiyo. With Tsunade telling the two elders to believe in Narutos strength and the next generation, Homura and Koharu eventually left the room. Shizune arrives and informs Tsunade of Pains chakra receivers. Tsunade makes her way to the roof of the Hokage Residence. Meanwhile, Kōsuke, the messenger toad, prepares to return to Mount Myōboku to inform Fukasaku about Pains invasion, but is killed by Danzō, the latter claiming that the Nine-Tailed Fox was no longer a problem. Tsunade summons Katsuyu and tells it to attach itself to the villagers. The Deva Path tries to attack Iruka, but he... You are Watching Naruto Shippuden 158 english subbed at Narutoget .more..


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