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Title:Inaris Courage Put to the Test
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Type:Mostly Filler
Manga Chapter: 2, 451

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Episode Summary: Naruto and Sakura meet up with Tazuna and Inari, who came to help rebuild the village. Naruto has a flashback that takes place after Team 7 finished their mission in the Land of Waves. Naruto remembers he had forgotten an Ramen Ichiraku coupon at Inaris house and runs back to go get it, while Kakashi orders Sasuke to bring Naruto back. On his way to give the coupon back to Naruto, Inari runs into Akane and his friends who try to pick on him with Team 7 gone. Zōri and Waraji hear of this and kidnap the kids. When Naruto and Sasuke learn from Tazuna that Inari went looking for Naruto to give him back the coupon, they go looking for him only to find the coupon on and traces of a struggle. Meanwhile, the remnants of Gatōs thugs decide to take his place and hold Inari and the others for ransom. Inari and the others escape from the thugs and Inari decides to distract them while Akane and... You are Watching Naruto Shippuden Episode 180 english subbed at Narutoget .more..


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