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Title:Animal District
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Episode Summary: Mr. Ostrich has escaped again, so Tsunade organised a team consisting of Naruto, Shino, Lee, and team captain Kotetsu. They are sent to Zeroth Training Ground to retrieve him. When they spotted Mr. Ostrich, Shino decided to capture him, but his bugs were all eaten by insect-eating plants. Shino was struck greatly and began to call his bugs by names. Meanwhile they encountered the so called four fighting animals team. The team consisted of a kangaroo with boxing gloves, Mr. Ostrich, and an anteater. The fight began. Shino battled the anteater, Rock Lee the kangaroo (and the baby kangaroo hiding in the big ones belt), and Naruto and Kotetsu battled Mr. Ostrich, who has learned to speak and to use ninja skills. So, Mr. Ostrich created fake shadow clones, and Naruto created his shadow clones and they went into fight. Kotetsu fought Mr. Ostrich (who calls himself Condor). Kotetsu was unable... You are Watching Naruto Shippuden Episode 185 english subbed at Narutoget .more..


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