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Title:Sasukes Paw Encyclopaedia
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Episode Summary: Nekobaa hires Team 7 to gather the last paw on her Paw Encyclopaedia. The last paw belongs to Nekomata (a powerful giant ninja cat). Nekobaa gives Team 7 special cat ears so that they could enter Nekomatas fortress. Naruto lost his cats ears in front of two guard cats, taking advantage of it Sasuke and Sakura entered the fortress but they left Naruto behind. Sasuke and Sakura split in two teams to find Nekomata faster. After some time, Sasuke was able to find Nekomata before his team-mates. Sasuke told him to agree to give him a print of his paw, however Nekomata used his genjutsu on Sasuke. He was able to cancel it with his Sharingan. After that, Nekomata and Sasuke started to fight with taijutsu, just when Nekomata was about to crush Sasuke with his paw, Sasuke is saved by Naruto and Sakura who managed to find Sasuke. Sasuke revealed that he didnt need to be saved and he activated... You are Watching Naruto Shippuden Episode 189 english subbed at Narutoget .more..


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