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Title:The Forbidden Visual Jutsu
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Manga Chapter: 478, 479

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Episode Summary: Danzō figures out Itachi was an illusion of Sasukes genjutsu. An enraged Sasuke completes his Susanoo and fires an arrow at Danzō, but Danzō deflects the arrow using his Wood Release. Tobi realises that Danzō collaborated with Orochimaru at some point to get the First Hokages cells in order for Danzō to use Izanagi. Karin notices with her sensory skills that he has a technique to make him invincible and that as he uses it his Sharingan close. Danzōs attacks however do little to no damage against Sasukes Susanoo. Danzō summons his Baku to help him out, but it is defeated by Sasukes fireball. As the battle drags on, the eyes on Danzōs right arm close one at a time. Sasuke forms a chakra blade while Danzō creates a wind weapon with his kunai. They then strike one another simultaneously. 088756 Related Categories The Forbidden Visual Jutsu Around Wikias network Random Wiki... You are Watching Naruto Shippuden Episode 210 english subbed at Narutoget .more..


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