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Title:The Angelic Herald of Death
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Manga Chapter: 508, 509

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Episode Summary: As Tobi leaves Mountains Graveyard, Zetsu appears to see him off. Tobi is stopped by Kabuto, who asks him where he was going. Tobi replies that it was none of his concern, but tells him that he was going to Amegakure, to which Kabuto gives a devious smile after their brief conversation. Tobi arrives in Amegakure, and is immediately confronted by Konan. Tobi asks her where she has hidden Nagatos corpse and more specifically — the Rinnegan. After a brief exchange of words, Konan and Tobi begin a heated battle on Amegakures lake. Tobi replies by saying that he will not go easy on her just because she was a former Akatsuki member. Tobi asks what is it about Naruto that made Konan and Nagato defect from Akatsuki, and Konan replies that he is light personified and carries a flower called hope. Tobi tells Konan that he was the one who got Yahiko to found Akatsuki, and the one who gave Nagato... You are Watching Naruto Shippuden Episode 252 english subbed at Narutoget .more..


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