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Title:A True Ending
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Manga Chapter: 660 661 662

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Episode Summary: In spite of Shukaku stopping Madaras Susanoo Sword, the Uchiha sends another one hurtling towards Gaara, knocking him down, which leads the One-Tail to tell its former host not to overdo it, but the Kazekage continues to fight unyieldingly, declaring he is now the tanukis equal. The tailed beasts are then dragged into the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path, forcing Naruto out of his Tailed Beast Mode. Losing his consciousness, Naruto begins to fall to the ground after having Kurama extracted, but Gaara uses his sand to cushion Narutos fall. The tailed beasts are successfully resealed inside the statue as Madara slams his minions talkativeness. Tobirama sneaks up behind Madara, and engages in battle with him, buying Gaara enough time to escape with Naruto. Meanwhile, Sasuke rejoins the battle, but not before Hashirama transfers to him his own chakra, and gives him a technique to counter... You are Watching Naruto Shippuden Episode 393 english subbed at Narutoget .more..


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