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Title:Escape vs. Pursuit
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Episode Summary: As Kazami and his team-mates silently wait for their opponents, they encounter Team Kurenai who by chance possess the scroll they seek. The two teams confront one another, and engage in battle. However, it is all part of Team Kazamis plot to find out which member has the scroll. With Kiba exposed as the holder of the scroll, Team Kazami lead a joint effort to successfully obtain the Earth Scroll. Burami then unleashes his unique Smell Sphere technique, causing his opponents to go numb. In spite of that, Team Kurenai fight on with sheer willpower alone, much to Buramis dismay. Muyami summons a giant mole, and, atop the creature, he and his team-mates make their escape. Luckily, Shino managed to place one of his kikaichū on Moguranmaru, and Team Kurenai make their pursuit. Once again, Team Kurenai fall to their opponents prey, and end up inside a quicksand. Though they seemingly fall to... You are Watching Naruto Shippuden Episode 402 english subbed at Narutoget .more..


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