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Title:Unwavering Gutsiness
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Episode Summary: While en route to the main building, Burami senses Kiba and Team Kurenai. Realising that they are being chased, Burami erases his and his team-mates scents. With Kiba and Akamarus sense of smell now futile, Shino relies on his insects to track down Team Kazami. Shinos insects successfully locate the Kusagakure trio, however, they are merely proved to be mirages. Team Kurenai then discuss their strategy to track down Team Kazami. Kiba, inspired by Narutos unwavering determination, vows to locate Team Kazami, and retrieve the scrolls. Having made clear their persistence, Team Kurenai head out towards the tower at the centre of the desert. Team Kazami then ambush Team Kurenai, and the two teams clash once more. Though Team Kurenai are heavily outclassed by their Kusagakure counterparts, Shino comes up with the perfect plan to fake his team-mates deaths with his insects. After their plan... You are Watching Naruto Shippuden Episode 403 english subbed at Narutoget .more..


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