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Title:The Cursed Puppet
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Episode Summary: As Team Asuma were taking a different route to bring their set of scrolls to the centre building to avoid being ambushed, Sakura suddenly collapses due to her constant flow of chakra for the Strength of a Hundred Seal. After remembering her training with Tsunade, she awakens just as her team are confronted by Team Saya. Saya makes it clear that she wants Ino and Sakura to herself, leaving her team-mates, Mamushi and Sana to battle Chōji. Sayas Puppet Imitation Technique proves to be a which allowed her to invade Inos mind and completely control her due to her puppet doll having her hair sample. Leaving Inos body, Saya uses the same method on a gigantic Chōji when he captures her team-mates. With Saya using Chōji as her pawn, Ino uses her Mind Body Switch Technique to enter Chōjis mind and try to kick the enemy kunoichi out as Sakura tries to figure out to deal with currently... You are Watching Naruto Shippuden Episode 408 english subbed at Narutoget .more..


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