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Title:On the Brink of Death
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Episode Summary: Gaara transports Sakura and Naruto to the Fourth Hokage in order to have Yin-Kurama sealed into Naruto to save him. While being transported, Sakura attempts to heal Naruto. As the Nine-tails chakra cloak disappears, Sakura discovers that her medical ninjutsu is unable to reverse the effects of the Yang-Kuramas extraction and resorts to slicing open Narutos chest and manually pumping his heart. Meanwhile, Karin, distraught, goes after Sasuke to heal him. As Karin heads towards him, Tobi uses a miniature version of Hashiramas Sage Art Wood Release: True Several Thousand Hands to stop her. Karin evades the attacks and uses chains to counter it. Tobi impales her with a wooden staff, which shoots out several branches. Karin, however, bites her arm and heals herself. Suigetsu then comes to Karins aid with his Water Gun: Two Guns technique. Jūgo quickly follows and attempts to grab Tobi, who... You are Watching Naruto Shippuden Episode 414 english subbed at Narutoget .more..


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