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Title:To Rise Up
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Episode Summary: Madara is puzzled by Naruto stopping Guys chakra from fading. Madara defends himself from Narutos punch with his remaining Truth-Seeking Ball, noticing an increase in Narutos power. With Son Gokūs chakra, Naruto creates a lava Rasenshuriken and attacks Madara and the tree with it, dodging Madaras Limbo: Border Jail. Narutos attack severs the tree, which appears to tell Madara to absorb it, which Madara does. Naruto takes Guy to Lee and Gaara. In Kamuis dimension, Sakura thanks Obito for saving Naruto, and Obito has a request for her. Sasuke frees Tobirama from Madaras black rods, Tobirama notices a change in him, and Sasuke asks if Tobirama can teleport him. Madara recovers from having absorbed the tree, telling Naruto he cant be defeated. Naruto picks up one of his fathers kunai, powering up with his own Truth-Seeking Balls, that he would not be alone, as Sasuke appears beside him... You are Watching Naruto Shippuden Episode 424 english subbed at Narutoget .more..


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