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Title:Killer Bee Rappuden: Part 2
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Episode Summary: As the fight between the jinchūriki and Akatsuki continues, Naruto asks Itachi about Sasuke, which makes Itachi leave, revealing that hes quitting the organisation, alongside Nagato. After that, Fū arrives and intervenes the battle, forcing both Sasori and Deidara to flee as well. Killer B then encourages Fū to give him a fist bump, which flusters her, but Gaara manages to persuade her to join their cause. On the way to their following destination, Killer B fills Fū in with the information, regarding the Ten-Tails, and their objective to protect the princess who sealed it. The four then arrive in Rōshis village, but he does not welcome them with open arms, due to recent activity, involving suspicious characters, which leads to Son Gokū calming the old man down. The five of them notice a hawk, spying on the group, and Chōmei uses its Scale Powder to knock it out, revealing it to... You are Watching Naruto Shippuden Episode 430 english subbed at Narutoget .more..


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