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Title:The Terrifying Secret
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Manga Chapter: 335, 336

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Episode Summary: Hidan stabs himself in the chest, but instead of mortally wounding Shikamaru, he destroys another one of Kakuzus hearts. Shikamaru reveals to have poured Kakuzus blood that Kakashi had retrieved earlier in a capsule on Hidans spear, and so he had killed one of Kakuzus hearts. He also traps Hidan with his Shadow Imitation Technique. Being temporarily incapacitated, Kakuzus remaining three hearts return to his body, with one sacrificing itself to become his heart. Just as Kakuzu is about to finish them off with another fire-wind technique, Team 7 arrives just in time to stop the attack with Naruto and Yamatos wind-water techniques combo. 073898 Related Categories Languages: EspaƱol Shikamarus Genius Around Wikias network Random Wiki wgAfterContentAndJS.push(function() { window.OpenXSPC = {}; window.OpenXSPC[ fillElem_SPOTLIGHT_FOOTER ] = function() { var output = window.OA_output ||... You are Watching Naruto Shippuden Episode 85 english subbed at Narutoget .more..


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