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Title:Power of the Five Kage
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Manga Chapter: 419, 465, 466

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Episode Summary: At the decimated Valley of Clouds and Lightning, Killer B emerges from the watery depths and tells the Eight-Tails his plan to learn enka from Sabu, leader of the enka ninja, which is why he faked his capture. After Tobi escaped, Kakashi tells Yamato and Naruto to keep the supposed truth of Itachi secret in case of it being false. Back at the summit, Sasuke uses his Susanoo to destroy the pillars and collapse the ceiling, allowing him and Karin to look for Danzō. Gaara protects everyone else in the room, except for the Raikage, who demolishes the debris falling on him with his powerful punches. Danzō uses Sasukes arrival at the meeting place as a chance to escape. Ao pursues him. Sasuke also tries to follow him, but is stopped by the Fifth Mizukage. She battles Sasuke and nearly kills him, but he is saved by Zetsus technique. Ōnoki uses his Dust Release technique and seemingly kills... You are Watching Naruto Shippuuden Episode 204 english subbed at Narutoget .more..


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