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Title:Narutos Vow
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Episode Summary: While on his way to meet messengers from Iwagakure, Chōjūrō decides to go on ahead by himself, due to the slow progress in travelling and the knowledge that Ganryū is out for vengeance. Naruto and his group stop at one of the smaller islands off the coast of the Land of Water for restocking before going straight to the Land of Lightning. Naruto sets off to eat. Akatsuchi is sent by the Tsuchikage to the same isolated island in the Land of Water to rendezvous with Chōjūrō, and Kurotsuchi tags along. As they await, theyre attacked by a group of Kirigakure ninja, led by Ganryū. Battle ensues and Akatsuchi is injured. Naruto and Chōjūrō interfere and stop the battle. Chōjūrō demands Ganryū and his team to withdraw, stating that they are violating the Mizukages will. The team leaves, and Kurotsuchi argues with Chōjūro to tend Akatsuchis injuries, who says they need to wait... You are Watching Naruto Shippuuden Episode 242 english subbed at Narutoget .more..


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