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Title:A Shinobi of the Leaf
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Episode Summary: As a tied up Kinoe is led out of Orochimarus hideout by Kakashi, one of the glass silos suddenly breaks open and a giant snake comes out of it. The snake attacks Kakashi and swallows Kinoe. Kakashi manages to save Kinoe by killing the snake, shocking the latter since Kakashi was targeted by him. The snakes carcass emits a poisonous fog, weakening Kakashi. Kinoe manages to bring Kakashi to a safe spot and saves him by administering an antidote. Unable to steal the Sharingan as per Danzōs orders due to his friendship with Kakashi, he leaves Kakashi with a note explaining his plan to deceive Danzō with a decoy wooden eyeball. Danzō is furious with Kinoes change of heart and orders a juinjutsu to placed on him. Elsewhere, Kakashi reported the incident to Hiruzen and Hiruzen sends Kakashi and Yūgao to dispatch a summon for Danzō. At the Root, Kakashi and Yūgao are stopped by the Root... You are Watching Naruto Shippuuden Episode 356 english subbed at Narutoget .more..


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