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Title:My First Friend
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Type:Mostly Filler
Manga Chapter: 656

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Episode Summary: As Naruto executes his finishing blow, Hashirama uses his Wood Dragon to immobilise Madara, which also drains his chakra at the same time. With Naruto throwing his attack, the Shinobi Alliance march towards Madaras location. Sai then arrives and escorts Naruto. Meanwhile, Gaara asks Shukaku for its aid. Although initially refusing, Shukaku decides to join the battle, but only to prove its superiority over Kurama, and denies that it is agreeing to Gaaras request. As the sand-manipulating duo prepare to head out, Son Gokū notes that the tailed beasts will also join in before questioning the young Kazekage if he is a friend of Naruto. Gaara then recalls his painful childhood as a jinchūriki, how the villagers shunned him, and how this all changed after his meeting with Naruto. Responding to the Four-Tails, Gaara says Naruto is his first friend. He then leads the way as all of the tailed... You are Watching Naruto Shippuuden Episode 388 english subbed at Narutoget .more..


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