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Title:The Serpents Pupil
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Type: Mostly Canon
Manga Chapter: 343, 344

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Episode Summary: Orochimarus current body is at its limit, and the time to change bodies draws closer. Kabuto tries to ease Orochimarus pain through medicine, knowing that Orochimarus body is at its limit and Orochimaru is holding on through sheer will. Orochimaru is excited at the thought of finally acquiring Sasukes body and Sharingan. He begins thinking of his journey of trying to acquire the Sharingan, from his failed attempt at Itachi, to everything hes done to acquire Sasuke. A lightning based chakra pierces through the door of Orochimarus room towards Orochimaru. He blocks the technique with his forearms. Sasuke reveals himself and explains to Orochimaru about how pathetic Orochimaru is compared to the Uchihas. A battle begins where Sasuke looks to have the advantage until Orochimaru switches to his true form, making Sasuke switch to his Cursed Seal Level... You are Watching Naruto Shippuden 113 english subbed at Narutoget .more..


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